Vice President of Communications and Client Engagement

Kristen Lestock

Her world is louder than anything you’ve ever heard in your life. It’s faster than anything you’ve seen without wings, and it’s as competitive as any sport on the planet. In the world of communications, she revs the engine and goes 0 to 100 strategizing on how best to meet her client’s objectives without missing a turn. She’s no rookie and she loves to be creative in helping clients develop and promote their stories. You’ll always find her detail-oriented and committed to her craft as she makes her way to the checkered flag before pulling into the victory lane after a successful campaign.


As the former director of communications at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Kristen brings over 16 years of experience in corporate, internal and crisis communications; media and public relations; event planning, promotions and digital media to Cookson Communications. During her time at the Speedway, she ensured that edge-of-your-seat racing at 150 mph was all anyone cared about every summer. If you’ve ever read about it, heard about it or watched it on television, chances are Kristen had something to do with it. Over her career, she has worked with national and international media, high-profile celebrities, government officials and stakeholders to successfully promote their stories and brands.

As a member of the Cookson Communications management team, she combines these well-honed communications skills with strategic thinking and planning to help ensure that clients are well-served by being proactively engaged.

Education: Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Food and traveling. She is a serious foodie with a sophisticated palate for local treats, good food and fun adventures.

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