Chief Creative Officer

Meredith Noyes

With impeccable taste in graphic design, entrepreneurial spirit and creative ideas, Meredith believes a strong brand and smart plan can solve any visual communication challenge. As a result, her artistic talent, creativity and business sense make Meredith a coveted addition to any project. Highly organized and a whiz at presenting ideas, she strives to strike a balance between form and function.


An award-winning designer, art director, and overall brand builder, Meredith has spent the majority of her career helping companies tell their stories in meaningful ways. As a result, she has the unique ability to work in many styles, from fun and funky to corporate and classic. Her early experience started in New York City with internships at Seventeen Magazine and Betsey Johnson, followed by creative roles at agencies in New Hampshire and Boston. Before merging with Cookson Communications in 2016, she owned her own creative design agency, MSNCreate.  Along the way, she worked on creative for household names like Charmin, Naked Juice, Jack-in-the-Box, MegaFood and Petco. In addition to her role at Cookson, Meredith volunteers as an illustrator for The Superhero Project, an organization where artists design alter-egos imagined by kids and teens with serious health challenges.

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Syracuse University


The creative process: Meredith is a firm believer that the best brands are set apart by impeccable design and consistency. Above all, she’ll uncover your company’s mojo and use it to make your brand look awesome and unique. 

Drawing cute animals, pop culture, fitness and her family (not necessarily in that order): An accomplished horsewoman, Meredith has happily passed the reins to her daughter Chloe, who competes for her college equestrian team. In her downtime, Meredith maintains a daily yoga practice. She hopes to someday do a handstand without fearing for her life. In addition, she and her husband Dan can be found taking last-minute trips to NYC to see The Tonight Show and SNL, making TikToks of her pet hedgehog Franklin and designing animal-themed merch for her Threadless artist shop.

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