MarTech Project Manager

Ryan Nicholson

When faced with the challenge of creating something that is a balance of beauty and brains, he’ll give you a simple “Sure – no problem” before cruising off into the sunset on his motorcycle (or one of several other toys). A true craftsman in the digital medium, Ryan is your go-to guy for websites and applications that function as smoothly as they look and connect with one another like old friends. If you think his passion for perfection is only skin-deep, think again: you’ll find him under the proverbial hood, always searching for ways to make systems and processes better, faster and stronger.

Ryan Nicholson


Hailing from a family of carvers, painters and craftspeople of all types, Ryan found his canvas when he first discovered the “View Source” function of his web browser. From that point on, he became a self-taught coder and digital designer with a passion for crafting creations with a greater purpose beyond simply looking cool. 

After more than a decade of experience in building intuitive interfaces, Ryan brings a solid background of UI/UX design and technology integration to the Cookson Communications team as the firm’s MarTech Project Manager


Associate’s Degree in Graphic Arts from Mount Washington College


These days you’ll find this former competitive ski jumper living a more grounded life at home with his wife, Alison, as well as their two dogs, two cats and one horse. If he isn’t at the track racing motorcycles or behind a computer screen doing what he does best, you’ll likely find him on his four-wheeler exploring the wooded trails of his New Hampshire home.

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